Simply, Quantum Growth is probiotics for plants. Some of our products also contain organic humates. These revolutionary products help you grow healthier, better quality plants, trees and turf. Soil contains nutrients, water, air, and organics (microbes). Traditionally, growers address the first three components through fertilization, irrigation and aeration. However, the most vital component of soil - the living part, is usually neglected. Quantum Growth contains live microbes (probiotics) and humates (rich organic matter) to specifically address this critical part of soil that other treatments cannot. The tremendous benefits of probiotics for our own digestive health are well known. Plants are even more dependent on a strong and diverse microbial population for their nutritional needs than we are. Therefore, it is absolutely vital to supplement your soil with natural probiotics for full and healthy growth. Quantum Growth supplements and rebuilds the living component of soil for healthier plants, trees and turf.

Quantum Growth supplements and rebuilds the living component of soil for healthier plants, trees and turf. 


Growers will see significantly better growth and yield, and will be able to provide customers with better products and services. Quantum Growth works to re-build the part of your soil that is vital for nutrient and water retention and delivery; therefore Quantum Growth can significantly reduce and optimize your fertilizer and water use. Also, the natural microbes in Quantum Growth help increase plant health. Healthier plants are better able to fight disease naturally without the use of chemicals; allowing reductions in pesticide use. This saves you time, resources and real money! Quantum Growth is natural and organic and better for the environment. Using Quantum Growth helps you reduce your inputs while growing better plants, trees and turf.

Using Quantum Growth helps you reduce your inputs while growing better plants, trees and turf.  

Quantum Growth is all natural and is among the safest products in the world, and has been successfully field tested for over 30 years. Our products are used across a wide variety of industries with proven results; from major commercial growers, premier golf courses and multi-national tree farms to local landscapers, small farmers and home growers. Quantum Growth can be used on all plants, turf, trees and shrubs and on fruits and vegetables without any toxicity. There are no re-entry restrictions after treatment, and our products have no harmful effects on the environment, animals or people. Produced in an EPA and FDA certified manufacturing facility, every batch goes through very strict quality control and toxicity testing. Quantum Growth contains only natural environmental isolates of microbes and does not contain any Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Our technology is also backed by a large body of scientific (academic) studies and field trials.

No other product on the market meets such stringent safety, quality and performance criteria.  

Quantum Growth is a highly concentrated liquid and is easy to use - for general applications, one gallon provides coverage for an entire acre (3 ounces per 1,000 square feet). Quantum Growth can be used in any irrigation system or with most types of application equipment or sprayers. Quantum Growth is also compatible with fertilizers and most other inputs commonly used by growers and turf care professionals. Our products are approved for use by organic farmers and turf care professionals in many parts of the US and abroad. Quantum Growth is shelf stable for 2 years or more - that is unique among live biological products. In addition, we have certified arborists, microbiologists and accredited nursery professionals on staff to tailor application programs and answer questions. Quantum Growth will help you go green, save money and grow better plants, trees and turf.

Stay ahead of your competition by integrating Quantum Growth into your treatment plan!  

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