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We work hard to find the best green or organic products and solutions so you can focus on what you do best.   It's like having your own R&D Department.

Only Proven Organic Products: At Green Earth Ag & Turf, we have a full line of natural and organic products for all of your plant, tree and turf care needs.  From organic fertilizers and weed killer to fungicides and insecticides or dried, compressed media, all of our products have been proven to work in the field and are backed with scientific research.  Unlike other companies, we don't offer an endless and confusing array of products in each category - we only have the best in each class.  We refuse to carry products that don't work, aren't backed by scientific studies, are unstable or give you inconsistent results (such as teas). When you work with Green Earth Ag & Turf, you can be assured that you will get only the best products and solutions along with the best service, prices and technical assistance in the industry.

Our products and programs build higher quality and healthier plants, trees and turf with lower inputs and costs through building soil health and soil biology. "Feed the soil, and let the soil feed the plant."

Our Mission: Green Earth Ag & Turf is a family-owned and operated wholesale distribution company specializing in green, organic and eco-friendly products for Turf Care, Agriculture, Tree Care and Horticulture. Our goal is to help cultivate the widespread use of eco-friendly growing practices that reduce the use of harmful or toxic chemicals. We help our customers achieve this goal through practices that build soil health and increase soil biology.  Healthy soil translates to healthy plants, trees and turf with reduced fertilizer use, better water retention and less disease and pest pressure - with lower inputs, costs and environmental impact. 

Our approach to customer care and great technical service has resulted in a client retention rate that is greater than 95%!  "We want a long-term customer, not a sale."

How We're Different: Working with Green Earth Ag & Turf, our clients benefit from a wide range of experience and technical expertise from real scientists and professionals in the field, not sales people. We bring the personal service and accountability that you expect from a family owned company, yet provide the discount, wholesale pricing you expect from a bulk distributor. We focus on customer service and technical support. Since our company is strictly wholesale, our overhead is much lower - we pass those saving along to you, our customer.  We only carry a select few products that have passed a rigorous trial process.  All potentially new items are trialed by our scientists first; products that work in our hands are also field tested by select experienced professional landscapers and growers. Only after products pass these strict criteria do they get added to our catalogue. We only sell products we use ourselves and trust around our young son.

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