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Quantum Growth Probiotics Information

Shelf Stable For 3 Years • No Refrigeration Needed • Not an Unstable or Inconsistent Compost Tea • Guaranteed Counts of Known Microbes • 40 Years of Proven Manufacturing Experience • Backed By University Studies & Top Industry Professionals

What are the Benefits of Quantum Growth and MicrobeLife?

Quantum Growth and MicrobeLife have been used extensively in agriculture, horticulture and turf care to decrease fertilizer use and the environmental impact that has on plants, trees and turfs - with better results. This has been proven both in extensive field trials as well as with scientific studies and publications. Our customers include some of the largest and most prestigious growers and turf care professionals in the United States and abroad.

How do Quantum Growth and MicrobeLife Help Reduce Fertilizer &Runoff

• Quantum Growth contains beneficial microbes that fix nitrogen from the air, thus fertilizing turf and plants naturally).
• The microbes in Quantum Growth and MicrobeLife contain microbes that cycle higher forms of nitrogen, such as ammonia and urea, into nitrates - the principle form of nitrogen utilized by plants (see nitrogen cycle chart). This makes fertilizer cycle to a more useable form much quicker, and allows for reduction or elimination of nitrogen inputs and cost savings.
• Quantum Growth and MicrobeLife contain microbes that solubilize phosphates, making them more accessible to turf, plants and trees.
• The beneficial microbes in Quantum Growth naturally produce plant hormones in a steady fashion. This stimulates better blooms, yields and root growth.
• Soil and plant microbes incorporate nutrients into their cell bodies, acting as the retention and delivery system of the soil. This means more of your fertilizers and irrigation water reaches the plant or turf and remains for longer periods.

The microbes in Quantum Growth & MicrobeLife along with the addition of organic humic acid in some products (which bind over 50 different elements from the periodic table) makes fertilizer and nutrient values much higher, helps users greatly reduce fertilizer inputs and costs, improves yields and quality and is much better for the environment.

The Science - Quantum Growth and Fertilizer Reduction

Rutgers University  - Crop study demonstrates a 24% increase in yield with a 23% reduction in fertilizer for a 30-fold Return On Investment (ROI).
New Mexico State University  - Quantum Growth plants treated with Quantum Growth and half the standard fertilizer rate produce the same yield as plants treated with standard (2x) fertilizer rates.
• Some trees "farm" bacteria to help supply nutrients.
• Bacteria tracked feeding nitrogen to nutrient-starved plants.
• Plants team up with soil bacteria or fungi to gather nutrients more efficiently.
• Mechanism of insoluble phosphate solubilization by Pseudomonas fluorescens.
• Phosphate solubilizing bacteria from subtropical soil.

Excess Nitrogen Increases Pests & Disease, Pollution Or Has No Benefit

• Excess nitrogen raises nectarine susceptibility to disease and insects.
• Pest populations increase with excess nitrogen fertility.
• Fertilizer applied to fields today will pollute water for decades, increasing the risk for blue baby syndrome and other serious health concerns.
• Long-term nitrogen fertilizer use disrupts plant-microbe mutualisms.