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Humus is the organic matter of soil - the high quality carbon that makes up a vital part of healthy soil and is necessary for germination and healthy plant, tree and turf growth.  Humates also acts a pre-biotic, that is that they help to feed and maintain healthy soil biology. Many of our Quantum Growth and MicrobeLife products contain organic humates to go along with their wide consortium of beneficial microbes.

What do humates do for plants and turf and how do they work?

• Humates help buffer soil pH.  Humates are the major buffering system for ponds and lakes, and do the same thing in soil.  This allows users to cut down on lime and other transient pH controls, and is a more long-term solution to pH stability.
• Humates help to retain water, which is vital to plant growth during hot, dry periods and during transplant. 
• Due to their complex nature and structure (see the structure below), humates are known to interact with over 50 elements from the periodic table.  This includes many of the fertilizer components and micronutrients (such as N, P, K, Ca & Mg) that are vital for plant growth, blooms and health.   By readily  forming salts with these elements, they are kept from washing through the soil, and they are much more easily utilized by living organisms.
• Humates are known to detoxify and buffer soil that contains harmful chemicals; for instance from over-fertilization, excess chemical use or from natural sources.

Humates are vital for healthy plant, tree and turf growth and also act as a pre-biotic to feed soil biology.   This vital soil component is susceptible to depletion from oxidation, plant uptake or other common treatments and practices that cause leeching.  The depletion rate will lower soil organic matter content if humates are not somehow replaced. Therefore, it is vital to add both the humates and beneficial bacteria found in Quantum Growth and MicrobeLife to maintain plants, trees and turf!

The Science

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