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Quantum Growth Probiotics Information

Shelf Stable For 3 Years • No Refrigeration Needed • Not an Unstable or Inconsistent Compost Tea • Guaranteed Counts of Known Microbes • 40 Years of Proven Manufacturing Experience • Backed By University Studies & Top Industry Professionals

Why Use Quantum Growth and MicrobeLife in Hydroponics?

In hydroponic and soilless growing, you have the difficult task of trying to mimic growing in soil - except in water. To be successful, it's necessary to get your media as close to real soil as possible. The closer you are to natural conditions,  the more your plants produce and the higher the yields and quality. Real soil is composed of minerals (sand, silt, clay and essential plant nutrients), water, air, organic matter and live microbes. In hydroponic growing, you try to make "liquid soil" by switching the solids with water, adding back plant nutrients (N, P, K) and aerating. But what do you do for the part of soil that contains vital organic matter and living microbes? This is routinely ignored, leading to incomplete medias that yield inferior results and diseased plants.  Adding back microbes and organics will get your "liquid soil" closer to a plant's natural soil - and therefore increase your yields and quality! That is exactly what Quantum Growth and MicrobeLife Hydroponics do - with organic humates, micronutrients and live beneficial microbes, you add back these major and essential components that other hydroponic products ignore. Why limit your plant's growth, potential and value by denying them major components of their natural environment? Make your "liquid soil" closer to "real soil" with Quantum Growth and MicrobeLife Hydroponics!

What are the Benefits of Quantum Growth and MicrobeLife?

• Increased yields of 20% or greater.
• Reduced time to harvest.
• Higher yields and greater marketability.
• Great pH control without adding acid/bases.
• Decreased clogging in irrigation systems.
• Lower chemical and fertilizer inputs.
• Faster seed germination.
• Improved plant health and disease resistance.

40 years of experience and results!
• Higher Quality and Yields with Lower Costs!

Proven, Safe and Effective

Hydroponic and soilless growers that have integrated Quantum Growth and MicrobeLife Hydroponics into their growing and treatment programs are having a great deal of success with better growth, healthier plants, less diseases and much higher yields and quality. Quantum Growth is currently being used across the United States, in California and internationally by some of the largest commercial hydroponic and soilless growers in the world. Quantum Growth and MicrobeLife Hydroponics have been tested extensively and proven safe and effective by major universities as well as commercial and home growers. Numerous successful studies (white papers) and testimonials are available upon request. Now you have access to the same technology and secrets of the most accomplished and prize winning growers in the world! Why not easily make Quantum Growth and MicrobeLife Hydroponics part of your normal treatment programs and enjoy the same success that they do?

Application & Compatibility

Quantum Growth and MicrobeLife Hydroponics are designed to be incorporated into your normal irrigation or treatment practices and used as part of your regular maintenance schedule. Quantum Growth and MicrobeLife Hydroponics are compatible with most products routinely used by hydroponic growers. For hydroponic applications, use 0.5 to 1 to ounce of the product  per gallon of water in the system (approximately a 1:200 or 1:100 dilution rate). Add additional product at the same dilution rate every 14 to 21 days, or every time the water is changed.

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The Science, Trials & Testimonials

Stoney Meadows Farm in Massachusetts had a great deal of success using Quantum Growth to grow strawberries in their hydroponics setup. They were able to eliminate their pesticide use completely without any fungal diseases in their greenhouse. Fertilizer use was cut back 50%. Also, the addition of Quantum Growth stabilized the pH of the water. Growth was seen sooner than expected, and fruits were ready for market 2 weeks earlier than expected. The markets bought up all of their strawberries due to more symmetrical fruit than the other farms were producing.

Read a great review of Quantum Growth (MicrobeLife Hydroponics) in Skunk Magazine here.

"I used 50% less fertilizer than I expected to, completely cut out my fungicide use and was able to control the pH of my hydroponic strawberries by using Quantum Growth.  The fruit was also more uniform"
....Jim Munger, Stoney Meadow Farms, Rhode Island.

“We saw the first difference 10 days after cutting out the small branches. The Main Group using Quantum Growth was healthy and continued to grow. The Control Group lacked energy and stopped flowering for 1-2 days and afterwards remained a little smaller than the Main Group. After 58 days we saw a big difference between the Main and Control groups. All the (final product from) the Main Group weighed about 12% more than the Control Group. When we measured the weight of the full plants, the Main Group using Quantum Growth was about 15% heavier. But most interesting to growers was the dry weight in the end! The Control Group had a dry weight of 26% and the Main Group with Quantum Growth had a dry weight of 32%. All in all, the (final product) was 15% heavier and lost 6% less weight after drying. This is an increase of more than 35% of selling material. This result is amazing! Thanks for supporting us with this fantastic product!”
...From Quantum Growth Field Trial Report, Switzerland. “I definitely saw an improvement (25 to 30 percent) using your product”
...William from Massachusetts.