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Quantum Growth Probiotics Information
Shelf Stable For 3 Years • No Refrigeration Needed • Not an Unstable or Inconsistent Compost Tea • Guaranteed Counts of Known Microbes • 40 Years of Proven Manufacturing Experience • Backed By University Studies & Top Industry Professionals

The beneficial microbes in Quantum Growth and MicrobeLife provide multiple benefits to plants, trees or turf while transplanting or seeding. Beneficial microbes produce natural plant hormones to help seeds germinate quicker and transplants initiate healthy, natural growth. These microbes also coat the roots of transplants and new seeds to form protective “biofilms” that not only protect the tree or plant from stress, but also bind nutrients and large amounts of water that feed them during the critical transplant or germination period. Survival rates will increase and stress will be greatly reduced.

How do Quantum Growth and MicrobeLife Help Transplant Survival?

• Beneficial microbes help protect plants from stress due to transplanting.
• Microbes form beneficial biofilms around the roots that help retain and deliver vital nutrients in the rhizosphere. These biofilms also absorb many times their weight in water, thus protecting plants from drought stress during transplantation or in extended periods without water.
• Beneficial bacteria produce growth promoting hormones and other natural compounds that initiate healthy, natural growth in new seeds and transplants.

With Quantum Growth & MicrobeLife, Tranplants or Up-Plant survival rates will greatly increase. Transplant stress will be greatly reduced and quicker, healthier growth will be seen.

General Transplant Instructions

For increased survival and decreased stress, simply dilute Quantum Growth or MicrobeLife at 2 ounces per gallon of water in a bucket or appropriately sized container and dip the plant, tree or shrub roots for several minutes up to an hour in the solution.  Alternatively, plants trees or shrubs can be drenched at the base immediately after transplanting.  New seedlings can be sprayed directly with a solution of the above concentrations (2 ounces per gallon of water).

The Science

• Survival and colonization of rhizobacteria in a tomato transplant system.