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Quantum Growth Probiotics Information
Quantum Growth MicrobeLife Organic Biological Products
Shelf Stable For 3 Years • No Refrigeration Needed • Not an Unstable or Inconsistent Compost Tea • Guaranteed Counts of Known Microbes • 40 Years of Proven Manufacturing Experience • Backed By University Studies & Top Industry Professionals
Quantum Growth MicrobeLife Organic Biological Products Agriculture
Quantum Growth MicrobeLife Organic Biological Products Agriculture Results

Why Use Quantum Growth & MicrobeLife To Grow?

Commercial and small farmers have had a great deal of success integrating Quantum Growth into their growing and treatment programs over the last decade. Quantum Growth is currently being used on numerous large and small farms as well as home gardens across the United States and internationally, including some of the most well-known and prestigious growers such as those for Heinz, Lays and various other products that you likely have eaten. Quantum Growth has been used on almost all types of crops safely and easily. In addition, Quantum Growth is all natural and is approved for use by organic growers in most parts of the country.

What Are the Benefits of Quantum Growth & MicrobeLife?

Quantum Growth MicrobeLife Organic Biological Products Agriculture Quantum Growth increases the living part of soil and adds rich organic matter. This is vital for nutrient and water retention and delivery. Therefore, Quantum Growth can significantly reduce and optimize your fertilizer and water use, saving time, resources and money. Healthier soil and better nutrient uptake also results in higher yields and healthier plants with higher nutrient density and better stress and disease resistance. Farmers will be able to deliver healthier food to their customers that is evident in the taste, appearance and quality of their plants and produce.

Proven, Safe & Effective

Quantum Growth is not a compost tea; it is a stable, safe, consistent soil inoculant to build soil biology and turf health.Quantum Growth has been tested extensively and proven safe and efficacious by major universities as well as commercial and small farms. Numerous successful studies and white papers are available here.

Quantum Growth MicrobeLife Organic Biological Products Agriculture Results University Studies

Quantum Growth & MicrobeLife Application Information

Quantum Growth is designed to be incorporated into your normal irrigation or treatment practices and used as part of your regular maintenance schedule. Quantum Growth is compatible with most products routinely used by farmers and home growers.
For general use: Use Quantum Growth at a rate of 3 ounces per 1,000 square feet (1 gallon per acre) for initial application. For subsequent treatments, use Quantum Growth at half the above rate (1.5 ounces per 1,000 square feet or 1/2 gallon per acre) every 90 days.